Ever since I picked up a camera I always envisioned that one day I would call myself a wildlife photographer. The reason is simple; I love animals and find it to be a privilege to spend time alone in the outdoors documenting the lives of wild, unbaited, and free animals. My images attempt to convey the wild spirit of these magnificent creatures in their own natural environments doing so in an ethical manner that minimizes any disturbances. Nothing saddens me more than the destruction of natural habitats that has a profound effect on wildlife and their ability to survive.


Now residing in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, I enjoy nothing more than the peace and serenity of spending time outdoors with these animals. Even if I don't take a single picture (which happens every now and then), you won't ever find me unhappy outdoors with a camera in my hands! I hope that my images inspire people to reconnect with nature and aid in wildlife conservation efforts as well as the preservation of these pristine conditions that wildlife rely on to thrive - for generations to come.

Abdulla Moussa​

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